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The most interesting feature here is the ability to click on the movie itself, on which side of the screen to add another clip. I don’t know if there is an example of this application for Android, but it’s easy to imagine. I also love OBS Studio, a program that allows you to record desktop screen and any other video output you want. It’s also like a sequencer. The first video that I record can be a video on YouTube, the second can be the desktop, the third video can be the desktop with images, the fourth video can be the desktop, the fifth can be the desktop with images, etc. The beauty of this software is that you can save the videos to a folder, or directly on the drive, and can be exported in different formats. It’s not only very functional, but also simple to use, and can be used with any video editing software. And then there are always the “programmes”. In my case I’ve found a nice program called GoAnimate. It’s very easy to use, you click on the button, add some image, choose the animation, and you’re done. You can create a gif, a video, a virtual memory… you name it. It’s also simple to use. This is perfect for simple marketing, or even better, marketing emails. To share the desktop with friends is easy, you can use BlueStacks, which is an emulator that allows you to run the Android OS in your PC, allowing you to do anything you want. Of course there are a few limitations, but the idea is that when you need to transfer something to your Android, you can open the emulator, and then from the OS you have installed. To cut and paste in Android is pretty simple, but for those of you who know the Android, I bet you already know how to cut and paste. For remote control and management, we need to use the Google Hangouts. In this way, a video call can be set up. Then, you can control the video of the desktop with your phone, or leave it open to receive messages from your friends. If you go to Settings > Hangouts, you can create new group, or join an existing group. This is very useful, because we can set up this group so that we only control it from a tablet, or the same from a phone.




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Maintop Dtp V5 3 Free Full 619l jamikae
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